Working on your list of gifts to get your friends and family this holiday season? This year, skip the toys and gadgets and give the gift of Inspirato membership. After all, studies show that having experiences rather than possessions can lead to longer-lasting happiness, and a stay in an exclusive Inspirato Residence is unlike any other way to experience the world. Below, find out why traveling with Inspirato is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

1. Membership lasts all year (and beyond)


Unlike the trendy toy of the moment, Inspirato membership doesn’t fizzle out once the batteries die. Any time of the year is great for an Inspirato vacation, and even when they’re not traveling, members can attend local events throughout the year.

2. No malls or online shopping

Nobody wants to duke it out with discount-hunting hordes at the mall, and online sales can be confusing and glitchy. Gifting Inspirato is simple and doesn’t require a treacherous trip to the shopping center.

3. Open the doors to the world’s most beautiful places

There are many benefits to joining Inspirato, but perhaps the greatest is access to the club’s collection of stunning vacation homes around the world. Gifting an Inspirato membership may happen just once, but there’s more joy to come with each new vacation that’s planned.

4. The opportunity to spend more time together


Finding time to get together is difficult enough without the added complications of logistics, planning an itinerary, and getting everyone under one roof. Inspirato takes care of all those details, letting members focus on making memories with the people they care about most. For anyone resolving to spend more time together in the new year, Inspirato makes that happen.

5. Something everyone will love

Don’t worry about whether or not something will fit: Inspirato is ideal for any traveler or vacation style. From huge family reunions to a romantic couples’ getaway, the Inspirato Collection offers accommodations to fit any need. And with personalized service guiding members before, during, and after travel, each vacation is unique.

Sharing Inspirato with friends and family is good any time of the year, but it makes a particularly good gift during the holiday season. Learn more about how an Inspirato vacation is the best gift you can give this year.

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