Inspirato has always offered members personalized care and stunning luxury accommodations, but we know there’s more to a vacation. Now, with the addition of extended travel services, Inspirato Members can rely on the club for all of their travel needs — whether they are traveling with the club or not.

Air Travel

Finding the right place to vacation is only part of the equation — you have to get there first, and now Inspirato can help. Inspirato’s air travel experts know how to find the best routes, and can book commercial flights based on members’ preferred seats, times, and airlines, whether they are traveling on an Inspirato vacation or not. We can even apply frequent flier miles and other travel membership perks, as well as exclusive upgrades and amenities for some flights.

Car Rental

If you need standard ground transportation or a rental car, Inspirato can help you book the right choice. Thanks to Inspirato’s partnership with Avis, members in the U.S. and Mexico receive status in the invitation-only Avis President’s Club. Benefits include exclusive savings, complimentary upgrades, and the ability to go straight to your car, no waiting in line. Inspirato Members who have enrolled in Avis President’s Club can book their car right form the Inspirato website — and those who haven’t enrolled yet can do so there, too.


Inspirato Members have made our exclusive luxury cruises some of the most popular vacation options the club offers. Now, Inspirato Members can still utilize their membership if the urge to set sail strikes at a time when the club isn’t on the water. Search and directly book more than 20,000 options from Inspirato’s world-class partner.

Custom Travel

If you can dream it, Inspirato can do it. Custom trips through our Bespoke travel benefit are designed to members’ personal specifications, whatever those might be. From rugged wilderness expeditions and enriching cultural sojourns to voyages centered on gourmet cuisine or wellness, Inspirato’s expert Travel Designers can make members’ dream trips come true.

Vacation Homes

As always, Inspirato continues to be the leader in luxury vacation homes. With hundreds of options around the world, our collection covers the best destinations — and it’s always growing. And when our members have other destinations to visit, they can now receive expert recommendations for vacation rentals anywhere, even beyond the club’s own collection.

With these additional services, Inspirato is a one-stop resource for discerning luxury travelers heading anywhere in the world. Learn more about becoming a member, and subscribe to IN the Details so you don’t miss any stories about how members experience the world.

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