Inspirato offers travelers peace of mind thanks to personalized care, thoughtful features, and consistently luxurious experiences all over the world. Of course, some events are out of our control—and even then, Inspirato is still there to care for members. Through Inspirato’s partnership with Travelex, members can purchase convenient travel insurance plans that protect their trip investments should something derail their vacation.

Last year, members Dale and Jennifer Burleson booked a suite on Inspirato’s cruise from Rome to Monte Carlo, and they decided to purchase trip cancellation insurance with Travelex through Inspirato, just in case something happened back home.

“Unfortunately, within an hour of boarding the ship, we received a phone call from a doctor telling us we needed to get home ASAP due to a family member becoming critically ill,” Jennifer said. In true Inspirato spirit, the onboard team sprang to action right away.

“Inspirato team members were so helpful in getting us off the ship and to the airport. They immediately started the process of getting our claim going by canceling our trip and all excursions, contacting Travelex, and getting paperwork filled out with what information they could provide,” Jennifer said.

We cannot say enough about Inspirato and Travelex.

Jennifer BurlesonInspirato member

Once they got home, the Burlesons were able to complete the rest of the paperwork and submit to Inspirato for them to review prior to sending it to Travelex on their behalf.

“Everything was very straightforward and the paperwork was easy to complete. Travelex did not ask for any additional information nor did they play games,” Jennifer explained. “Within a few weeks we received a check in the mail with full reimbursement of everything that was stated as covered through our plan.”

The Burlesons now routinely purchase trip cancellation insurance through Travelex when booking trips to Europe. “Hopefully we will not need to go through the claims process again, but if we do, we know we are in very good hands,” Jennifer says.

Inspirato’s members-only Travelex benefit includes plans and policies that provide coverage for trip cancellation, delays, emergency medical expenses, and more. Members can easily receive a Travelex quote from their Care team, and all travelers can learn more about all of the ways that Inspirato provides peace of mind during our unparalleled luxury vacations.

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