An Inspirato vacation truly delivers peace of mind in all aspects. Not only do our stunning accommodations and five-star service offer a consistently luxurious experience no matter where travelers go, but we focus on the most fundamental travel need: safety. And that’s not something every online vacation-rental company can say.

According to a recent study by the medical journal Injury Prevention, only 36% of vacation rental homes had first aid kits and just 42% contained fire extinguishers. Carbon monoxide detectors were found in 56% of the studied accommodations, while smoke detectors were present in about 80%. That means there are places that don’t have these essential (and, often, legally required) safety features.

Inspirato homes are equipped with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers all of which are checked during a pre-arrival inspection process. Plus, many Inspirato homes are located within secure resorts or gated communities with 24-hour security services and in certain geographical locations Inspirato hires private security for standalone homes.

Should a natural disaster or other threatening situation strike, Inspirato has travelers covered, as well as all homes have a disaster supplies kit. Each kit contains equipment based on the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA’s guidelines. And, all destinations outside of the U.S. & Canada or in a catastrophic location have a satellite phone, solar charger, and water filtration kit.

Of course, the hallmark of traveling with Inspirato is the personalized care that travelers receive from the minute they book a vacation, all the way through their arrival back home and beyond. When travelers arrive at any Inspirato home, their on-site concierge will provide a detailed tour of the property, highlighting safety features along the way.

Inspirato’s Denver-based incident management team and on-site concierge teams are well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Recently, several Inspirato members were traveling during a hurricane in the Caribbean, and Inspirato’s team jumped into action to prepare the home. When the airline cancelled their flight home, the team constantly kept the travelers updated, provided food and supplies, and even rescheduled their itinerary to be sure they could still enjoy their vacation.

Unlike other online vacation-rental companies, Inspirato puts travelers’ safety and security first and foremost. Learn more about how taking a vacation with Inspirato is always a spectacular—and safe—way to experience the world.

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