Inspirato Members enjoy all types of vacations from quick weekend getaways to week long stays with family in larger residences. These trips require different types of luggage and baggage, so we set out to see which models offer the best versatility, durability and comfort to navigate to your ultimate destination.

If you are in the market to buy some new luggage, we have a few pointers:

  • Durability – If you fly on domestic and international airliners, all luggage ends up in the same spot. Which means all luggage — regardless of brand, quality and price — gets tossed around and jammed into a cargo hold. Durability is the number one thing to search for. And as tempting as it is to buy online, it is best to test-out the luggage in person (or at least know your online retailer’s exchange policy).
  • Size – “Just big enough” is probably the ideal size. If your suitcase is on the larger end of things (31 inches instead of 27 inches), the temptation will be to fill it every time you travel.
  • Weight – Even if you have status with an airline (and have weight restrictions on luggage waived because of it), you should still seek out a lightweight suitcase. Think of the sizeable weight of a mountain ski trip, and suddenly those extra four or five pounds in your suitcase become a big deal.

Best Checked Luggage (Hardsided)

The Pick: Bric’s Bellagio 30-inch V1.0 Spinner Trunk

The Bric’s Bellagio series passes muster for its lightweight material and easy-to-pack configuration. Plus, with its unique styling on the exterior, you’ll always be able to pick it out in baggage claim (although you might want a dark color to avoid unsightly scuffs). It is on the larger end of the spectrum, but its interior is smartly configured — it’s big enough for any trip, without making you feel like you need to overpack it to make it work.

Best Checked Luggage (Softsided)

The Pick: Travelpro Platinum Magna 25-inch Expandable Suiter

Travelpro’s Platinum Magna series may have been designed with savvy business travelers in mind, but its durability and internal configuration make it a great fit for families, too. It’s “magnatrac” magnetic wheel alignment allows it to be pushed as straight as an arrow. As an added bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best Adult Carry-On Suitcase

The Pick: Tumi Alpha Lightweight Expandable International

This suitcase mixes durability with lightweight structure. Made from 100% ballistic nylon, its exterior includes well-designed bumpers to absorb the years of baggage-carousel impacts it will receive. Flexible configurations of its interior make it the go-to carry-on.

Best Adult Carry-On Backpack

The Pick: KELTY Redwing 44 Backpack

Whether your family is flying on a ski trip to the Rockies, heading to a Caribbean isle or gallivanting around Italy for part of the summer, you’ll want a backpack that checks all of the boxes. And while it might not be the most stylish choice, the KELTY Redwing 44 can’t be beat for comfort, lightweight, pocket options and capacity. It will  suit most any occasion for day trips without being too cumbersome.

Best Kid’s Carry-On

The Pick: Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Critters Collection

Of all the rolling backpacks on the market, we like the Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Critters Collection best. Rugged, mostly water resistant, and playful enough to be cherished by kids ages 5 to 10 (translation: fun enough for them to want to carry it themselves), it’s a winner on many fronts.


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