For the past three decades, Americans have been steadily devoting a larger percentage of their spending on experiential purchases — such as traveling, concerts, and dining out — rather than material possessions. Millennials have largely been leading the charge; according the Harris Group, nearly 80% of millennials say they would rather spend money on events and experiences instead of things.

So why are people, including more than 14,000 Inspirato Members, choosing to invest in experiences and not things? There are many causes for the shift, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few of the main reasons we have heard from actual Inspirato Members.

We joined Inspirato because we have decided to spend less on things and more on experiences. Experiences build memories while things just collect dust. Our trip was filled with experiences that we will be able to cherish forever. This trip assured us that we made the right choice by joining Inspirato.

Audrey TolsonInspirato Member

Experiences don't expire

Many studies have shown that enriching experiences — even if they are short and temporary — provide longer-lasting happiness than material objects do. Buying that fancy car or trendy gadget you’ve been wanting for a long time can offer a brief burst of satisfaction, but as the novelty wears off, that fulfillment also diminishes. For Inspirato Members, taking an unforgettable vacation with the club produces memories that everyone will want to relive for years to come, long after they’ve checked out of their accommodations.

Experiences build relationships

Whether reconnecting with old friends, spending precious quality time with family, or discovering new friends, nothing brings people closer than sharing an experience. Being together in the same place at the same time strengthens bonds far more closely than material possessions can. Nobody will remember the conversation you have around purchasing a new TV, but everyone will come back to those moments you shared around a bonfire or bottle of wine.

Experiences are good for the soul

Beyond making us genuinely happy, experiences are the best way to expand one’s horizons. Vacationing somewhere you’ve never been, discovering a new favorite food, and learning all about a different culture all open a traveler’s eyes to new ideas, and the lessons learned can be brought home after a trip has ended. Unlike a new phone, a life-changing experience can’t be lost or stolen; the memories and emotions stay with you forever.

Inspirato Members have more than 900 vacation options to choose from, but endless ways to experience the world. From family reunions that get everyone together to hands-on, immersive travel, Inspirato helps club members treasure their time with the people they love, so they can focus on making memories for a lifetime. Learn more about Inspirato membership and how a club vacation is an experience unlike any other.


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