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Travel Blogs (Photo Credit: ©Kevin Day/Tanager Photography)

The mark of a great travel blog is that it’s as enjoyable to read as a great book. You escape (albeit, for shorter increments of time) into the life of the traveler and into the day-to-day wonders of a destination. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of beautiful imagery, and the road to living vicariously through the writer becomes that much more seductive.

With a little help from our writers and staff, we’ve rounded up the blogs that inspire great vacations and enlighten our minds to the world of travel possibilities out there.

The Digital Nomad

Considering its 124-year history, the National Geographic Society has done an amazing job of adapting to the realities of the digital age. This blog, the handiwork of writer Andrew Evans, spans the globe at a ridiculous clip (Cambodia one week, Kilimanjaro the next) and beautifully folds the Society’s spirit of discovery and reportage with the quick-hit pleasures of blogging.


Dynamic duo Terence Carter and Lara Dunston appear to be on to something — the greatest gig on earth. The globetrotting writer-photographer pair have been documenting their itinerant lifestyle since 2006, but what sets them apart — besides way-better-than-the-average-blog photography — is that they slow down and truly absorb a destination and its local lifestyle, affording deeper insight for us fans who would give anything to live like they do.


Equal parts travel news and wanderlust lifestyle website, Gadling has been churning out interesting blog posts from its network of writers for years. Current events, tech trends in travel, how-to posts and interviews with travel writers make up the backbone of the site. Because of its massive archive of articles, the odds are good that they have a fresh take on the destination you are about to visit, making their “Explore the Map” section extra handy.

Camels & Chocolate

For a dose of wanderlust mixed with sound practical tips and stellar photography, check out the pages of Camels & Chocolate, the personal blog of travel writer Kristin Luna. Here you are as likely to gain helpful pointers on packing for a six-week road trip as you are to find the next great destination (Brunei anyone?).

 The Vacation Gals

Many family travel blogs live in the rarified air of the perpetually traveling family. (“That’s nice that you live on a sailboat with your kids. I have to take mine to school right now.”) For the rest of us, there’s The Vacation Gals, the brainchild of three travel writers — including Kara Williams, who has written for Inspirato — who fold their passion for travel with practical tips and ideas for everyday travel with the kids, romantic getaways and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.


WorldHum may not be the biggest or most-visited travel blog/magazine online, but it is certainly one of the most respected. Here, the world’s best travel writers take philosophical, transcendental, and often-times hilarious angles to our favorite pastime.

Christopher Elliott

Dispensing sage advice on how to navigate the increasingly hectic world of travel since 1996, Christopher Elliott has emerged as the most trusted consumer advocate in the industry, and his blog is vital for travelers of all stripes. Even if you don’t have a beef with a major travel brand (note: if you do, he wants to hear about it), his posts often illuminate the kinds of tricks of the trade that will help you think on your feet when travel mishaps invariably occur.


Finally, a blog for international jetsetters who just want to know the best cup of coffee in Copenhagen! We’re kidding, of course, but when it comes to the dozens of blogs that want to cover the luxury travel segment, we suggest looking no further than the Culturist’s travel pages. Their regular series, Get Cultured, profiles the world’s top destinations — and some cool, under-the-radar spots — with the kind of clarity that is too-often reserved for traditional print guide books.


How about you? What travel blogs are missing from our list? Let us know. We’d love to hear what blogs are inspiring you to explore more of the world.

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