Inspirato is always aiming to add to its rich portfolio of luxury homes and upscale hotels in stunning destinations across the globe. On December 4, we’re going to make one of our biggest property announcements yet—from sun-soaked beachfront getaways to European countryside estates. In the meantime, for a sneak peek, see if you can guess where some of these new properties are.

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Be sure to check on December 4 to learn all the details about these amazing new additions.


  • Mauricio says:

    Good test…

  • Monteiro says:

    Top, the best.

  • Gino Jenkelj says:

    Could you lease a Ford GT for a selection of properties or perhaps a tesla with rear rear facing third row child seats in europe

  • Popojo says:

    I thought I did pretty good but I guess I didn’t do great. The first question is a trick question. I think I can name five different spots in all those cities that have a location looking like that beach. And the wine question….comon now. That’s totally unfair. Those vines look identical to so many places I have been. Totally unfair. I should’ve gotten a perfect score. Instead I barely passed, if I passed at all. There’s no way I’m going to post a failing score on Facebook or Twitter.

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