Inspirato Members have plenty of chances to meet and mingle, at local events like our Member Summits or while vacationing at club residences nearby each other. And with Inspirato’s many experiential travel options, members can meet each other and travel with the club all at the same time.

That was part of the reason members Cindy and Bob Laughrea embarked on Inspirato’s New Zealand Experience earlier this year. Looking for a fun vacation to commemorate their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple decided on New Zealand, long a destination on Cindy’s travel wish list. While Cindy admits that she and her husband generally don’t prefer strictly organized group trips, Inspirato’s laid-back approach offered the flexibility and activities they were looking for. “It was the mix of adventure and romance that we wanted,” Cindy said.

The custom itinerary included everything from helicopter rides to wine tastings, and Cindy’s personal favorite, a boat and kayak river tour: “It was a beautiful day. So peaceful and really gorgeous nature while we were being active and physical. It had the best of everything all together.”

But beyond the fantastic activities, sights, and accommodations, Cindy and Bob enjoyed something far more special. Over the course of the experience, they struck up an instant friendship with fellow members Wade and Leah Schaatt.

“Bob and I are very social, so we love to meet other people and other families,” Cindy said. “I think the thing that we loved about the Schaatts is that they are so adventurous and fun, and they just are everyday people. They’re not pretentious. They’re super fun, friendly people.”

The Laughreas and the Schaatts spent the rest of the experience indulging their many common interests — especially wine — and, like true friends, encouraging some light-hearted rivalries. “They were competitive, which was good. It pushed us to a different level – like ‘if you’re going to do it, I’m going to do it.’ My husband went skydiving even though he’s terrified of heights!”

Their bond lasted even after both couples returned home from New Zealand: the new friends soon met up again, this time at the Schaatts’ vacation home in Grand Cayman. “They have this amazing boat and we went fishing. I caught my first tuna,” Cindy said. “Again, it was so comforting, like we were family.”

Not only has Cindy and Bob’s Inspirato membership unexpectedly brought them new friends and new experiences in new places, it has made vacation planning much easier, especially because the couple lives on opposite coasts.

“We joined Inspirato because we are so busy and we live bicoastal, so it’s really hard for us to plan anything,” Cindy said. “Inspirato scouts out everything for us and picks out the best things to do, and we know that the level of our experience is going to be five-star. So why waste your time trying to figure it out on your own when they’ve already done it for you?”

Up next, Cindy is hoping to meet up with the Schaats — and have all of their kids meet — for Christmas in Hawaii. “We try to do one winter activity and then a summer activity the next year,” Cindy said. “Inspirato has been great like that – it opens you up to different places to explore and they’re always so top-notch and that’s what I love. You really get spoiled by the service.”

Wherever they go and with whomever they travel, the Laughreas, the Schaats, and more than 14,000 other Inspirato Members can rely on the club to make sure every vacation is perfect. Find out more about how Inspirato’s personalized care and hundreds of luxury vacation options make for unforgettable travel memories.

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