Taking your family on vacation presents plenty of challenges: coordinating schedules, packing suitcases, and a lot of other headaches. That doesn’t leave much time to actually enjoy spending time together, so that’s why Inspirato Members rely on the club to take care of all the details for them. With Member Care and on-site concierge teams supporting members every step of the way, members are able to leave the planning to our experts and simply have an amazing experience with the people they love.

Inspirato’s teams are the best resource for personalized recommendations, but below, we’ve outlined a few tips to get you started on planning the perfect family vacation.

Find a family-friendly destination

The concept of “family-friendly” varies greatly among different families: some want to fill every minute with activities and excursions; some want everything within walking distance; others just want to get away and spend time together. To find the perfect destination, start by considering the ages and personalities of everyone who will be coming. For example, young kids might need more consistent entertainment than teenagers, who are likely not up for the same kinds of things that their grandparents might be. And if everyone is traveling from different places, it’s helpful to have a vacation destination that’s easy to reach.

Big resorts such as Sea Island in Georgia or Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico feature dozens of convenient on-site amenities and activities, making it ideal for families that want to stay entertained. For families that prefer to be independent, we suggest a destination like Kiawah Island, South Carolina, or Aspen, Colorado. These destinations are teeming with things to do, but are not centered around a resort and offer a more adventurous style. All of these locations are an easy flight or drive away, as well.

The ability to spend time with family and not logistics is worth its weight in gold. We had a perfect trip!

Fausto RotundoInspirato Member

Choose the right accommodations

Being stuck on a plane or crammed in a car with kids is difficult enough, so once you actually arrive at your destination, it’s good to have room to spread out. The Inspirato Collection includes sprawling residences with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, so everyone gets plenty of space to themselves. Having everyone under one roof makes it much easier to spend quality time together, too.

Alternatively, for families that don’t mind being closer together or just don’t need that much space, the club’s hotel and resort partners offer luxurious, spacious suites and rooms, some with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms themselves. Backed by Inspirato’s Member Value Guarantee, these options are available at incredible value, so you can spend more on making memories while you’re there.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the house was every bit as elegant and large as the photos made it seem. Everyone agreed that this was the best family reunion/vacation we have had. There was a nice chance to interact over meals, but space for privacy too. Our concierge and housekeeper exceeded our expectations in every way. We will be back.

Andrew C.Inspirato Member

Keep the season in mind

If your family’s dream vacation relies heavily on activities and outdoor excursions, keep in mind that some destinations — particularly popular mountain towns such as Vail, Jackson Hole, and Lake Tahoe — operate mostly on a seasonal basis. When ski season is over, these destinations offer fewer activities and many restaurants and shops are closed until the summer season ramps up. Similarly, some beach destinations, like Rosemary Beach and Nantucket, are dependent on weather, too.

Of course, off-season travel has its perks. Discounts and smaller crowds mean that families can spend less time waiting for restaurant or activity reservations, and can enjoy the destination with fewer distractions. But if you want a vacation packed with kid-friendly activities and outdoor time, be sure to travel at a time when everything is available.

Let Inspirato take care of the details

Inspirato takes care of all the above so members can focus on having a great vacation, not on sweating the details of planning a trip. The club’s Member Care teams get to know each member and their unique vacation preferences, and can make personalized recommendations for destinations to visit and things to do. Then, our on-site concierge teams ensure that reservations are confirmed and everything runs smoothly. They can set up transportation for everyone even if they’re arriving at different times, arrange for kids’ amenities such as cribs, and much more to be sure that members are able to unwind and enjoy.


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