While many vacation factors are beyond anyone’s control, Inspirato Members can travel with peace of mind knowing that wherever they go, they will receive personalized care and five-star accommodations. Inspirato’s concierge teams are local experts and can offer even more thoughtful suggestions on how to stay safe in their destinations. And should something unfortunately go wrong, Inspirato does everything it can to help make the situation right. Still, travelers should be aware of their surroundings and take basic precautions when vacationing.

Inspirato’s Do’s and Don’ts for Staying Safe While Traveling


Do make extra copies of your passport (just the page with your picture on it), driver’s license, and travel itinerary. Leave them with a loved one at home. If your luggage goes missing with your identification inside it, your family member can fax you the important documents.

Do stash an extra copy of these documents somewhere safe inside your luggage. If your actual passport is lost or stolen, you’ll be glad you have a back-up.

Don’t post your travel itinerary on social media before you leave. You never know who might see your post and take advantage of your prolonged absence from home.


Don’t bring valuables, if you can help it. This includes wedding rings and other fine jewelry, watches, laptops, tablets, and other electronics. If you must bring them, be sure to keep them securely stowed when not in use.

Don’t bring every credit card and identification card you own. Choose the cards you need most and leave the rest at home.


Do wear a money belt beneath your clothes, and keep some cash as well as your passport in there.

Don’t pull out wads of cash or advertise wealth in the form of jewelry or electronics (including tablets and smartphones) when you’re out and about. If you’re taking photos on your smartphone, take them discreetly and put the phone away when you’re done.

Do leave valuables in the safe at your accommodations.

Do withdraw cash only from an ATM inside a bank to avoid being a victim of a credit card skimming scam.

Do spread out your cash in various places; for example, on a travel day, carry half of your cash in your purse and half inside your luggage. If you’re separated from some of your possessions, you won’t lose all your cash.

Out and About

Don’t fall asleep on public transportation with your belongings out of reach. If you’re taking a long train or bus ride, keep your luggage as close to you as possible. Small bags should go on your lap. If you put a backpack on the floor in front of you, place one foot through a strap so it can’t be pulled away without you noticing.

Do stay aware of your surroundings. With your head lost in a book or music playing loudly in your ears, you become an easier target.

Don’t carry a purse with one strap dangling off your shoulder in a busy city. Thieves can snatch it right off your arm.

Do switch your wallet to your front pocket when you’re on a crowded bus or train. Same goes for backpacks — swing them around in front of you when you’re in a crowd.

Don’t draw negative attention to yourself when you go out; avoid drinking too much and leaving your drink unattended.

Do stash expensive cameras in a daypack when you’re sightseeing — even better if it doesn’t look like a camera bag. It’s okay to take photos but put away the camera as soon as you’re done.

Don’t leave a device that’s charging unattended. If you’re trying to give your iPhone extra juice at a restaurant, train station, or anywhere else public, be sure to stay and wait while it charges.

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