One of the most popular ways to enjoy the winter season is skiing and snowboarding, and Inspirato Members certainly take advantage. The Inspirato portfolio features some of the world’s top ski destinations, from Rocky Mountain resorts beloved by families to the soaring slopes of Italy, France, and Switzerland. No matter where members choose to hit the powder, there are extra logistics involved with planning a ski vacation – namely, how much gear to tote along.

While some may feel more comfortable skiing with their own gear, traveling with equipment can be a hassle. Renting equipment is convenient, but can get expensive quickly. Below, check out some things to consider when deciding whether to rent gear during a vacation or bring your own – and then view all of Inspirato’s vacation options and start planning your next ski vacation.



Prices for rental gear vary by destination and whether or not you want delivery. In most destinations, skis can generally be rented for about $40-$70 per day, so if you are only planning a few days of skiing on your trip, renting is a minimal cost. Rentals can quickly become expensive on longer trips, but some rental shops will offer discounts for extended periods of time.

The cost of bringing your own skis depends on how far you are traveling. If you’re driving only a short distance, you should have no problem bringing your own gear. If you’re flying, airline baggage fees can be upwards of $100 each way for oversize luggage such as skis. Travelers can avoid exorbitant baggage fees by having their equipment shipped by a luggage service such as Inspirato partner Luggage Forward, which offers exclusive discounts to Inspirato Members.



By bringing their own stuff, travelers can head straight to the lifts and skip the hassle of having to visit a shop, find available gear, get fitted, and then sign a rental agreement. Many rental shops are often crowded with fellow skiers, so the process of renting skis can be stressful and time-consuming.

Renting skis is most convenient during the actual travel phase of a vacation. Without having to haul bulky gear through an airport or pack it into an already-overstuffed car, it’s very easy to breeze through airline check-in or hit the road. When your vacation is over, returning skis back to the shop is usually a seamless process, as well.

Most shops will offer free tune-ups and adjustments throughout the rental period, but whether Inspirato Members are renting or bringing their own gear, skiing with Inspirato offers even more value, thanks to our helpful partnership with Ski Butlers. In several North American destinations, Inspirato Members can receive complimentary overnight tunes: Ski Butlers pick up equipment, tune and wax everything, and drop it off before the mountain opens the next day.

The location and layout of the accommodation in Deer Valley was perfect for a group of six people. Loved the Ski Butlers. Great service and attitude.

Cathy W.Inspirato Member

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For passionate skiers, it’s wise to actually rent skis, as most rental providers have the newest and best skis in their “demo” packages. This allows skiers to try the best technology the industry has to offer and guide any future purchasing decisions.

Of course, skiing with your own gear has its advantages. Custom-fitted gear such as boots tends to be more comfortable and lets skiers be more agile on the mountain. Plus, it’s easier to spot your gear in a sea of skis and boards when you’re familiar with its appearance.

The choice between renting skis and traveling with skis ultimately comes down to overall cost and the amount of hassle with which you are willing to deal. Inspirato’s service teams in mountain destinations are happy to help members decide how to best enjoy their ski trips, and can even help arrange rentals, delivery, and more.

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