Inspirato is always on the hunt for amazing new residences, hotel and resort partners, experiences, and other vacation options to add to the club’s expansive collection. In February, Inspirato announced dozens of new additions to the Inspirato Collection, including six beautiful residences and more than 50 curated options at top hotels and resorts around the world.

These new vacation options include everything from beachfront resorts to scenic mountain cabins and apartments in the middle of major cities. Check out some of the highlights from this new release below.

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Foresteria Florentine residence (Florence, Italy) - This third-floor, three-bedroom apartment in the heart of Florence features views of the Duomo, Santa Croce, and palazzos from its rooftop terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows. View all Florence accommodations.

These are just a few of the 50+ new vacation options added to the Inspirato Collection in February. Other new additions include accommodations in Atlanta, The Hamptons, Denver, Argentina, and many other destinations around the world. View all of Inspirato’s 900+ vacation options and start planning an unforgettable vacation today.

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