Spring break is unique among traditional family vacation times. On the one hand — with a full week at your disposal — the temptation is to do something grand and ambitious. But on the other hand, a week in the middle of the school year can go by extremely fast. Perhaps finding a place where the whole family can unwind and decompress should take priority.

If that’s the case, we thought we’d offer a little help. These Inspirato destinations offer ample amounts of relaxation, with nary a lift line, crowded beach or traffic jam in sight.

If you are considering a ski vacation … pick Telluride

Telluride, Colorado

It’s hard to imagine a more scenic ski resort in North America than Telluride. Draped across a mountain ridge and surrounded by the Sneffels Range, Wilson Peak and several other high peaks of the San Juan Mountains, Telluride at times feels like its at the end of the earth.

And while you can easily fly into the local airport, there may be some truth to that feeling. Its relative remoteness (a six-hour drive from Denver) keeps the crowds at bay, offering you a serene, quiet and relaxing mountain hideaway to find powder stashes, dine at exquisite restaurants and go for quiet and oh-so-scenic snowshoe walks through the woods. An added bonus this year: recent weeks have brought feet of fresh powder to the San Juan Mountains.

Where to Stay: Any one of Inspirato’s Telluride residences.

If you are considering a beach getaway … go with Abaco

Abaco, Bahamas

Given its close proximity to Miami, you might be surprised to hear that Abaco — the second largest island in the Bahamas — offers consistent serenity, even through Spring Break.

But with its sugar-white beaches stretching for miles and the third largest barrier reef in the world, there are plenty of hidden places to escape the day-to-day crunch of modern life. While the island is quintessentially Bahaman, it has one attribute similar to the Hawaiian Islands: an abundance of only-on-Abaco bird species, such as the Abaco Parrot and Bahama warbler, which makes the island an appealing and completely unique place for nature lovers.

Where to Stay: Inspirato offers homes at The Abaco Club on Winding Bay.

If you want a serene island getaway … choose Tortola

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Dream of a Caribbean island escape and odds are the picture you conjure in your mind looks a lot like Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Rising from the placid, cerulean waters like a chain of exposed green hills, Tortola is scenically unrivaled and surprisingly not overrun with tourists. Part of this has to do with its many pockets of seclusion — its irregular shape ensures that your days are spent exploring dozens of hidden coves ringed by palms and colored with the aquamarine-tinge of coral reefs.

Where to Stay: Inspirato members can enjoy either the three-bedroom Frenchman’s Paradise or the five-bedroom Frenchman’s Lookout, both on Tortola’s secluded Frenchman’s Cay.

If you want nature in abundance … select La Paz

La Paz, Mexico

Ask any scuba diver and they will tell you: few things could be more relaxing than being under the sea swimming with schools of colorful fish.

Off the coast of La Paz, Mexico — on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula — travelers can enjoy some of the world’s best diving, where sea caves, reefs and an incredible biodiversity combine in surprising ways.

While the area’s famous whale sharks have moved on by March, gray whales have not, and they usually treat visitors to an impressive spectacle in the waters of Bahia Magdalena. Pair this in-person nature show with the amenities of the Costabaja Resort & Spa and you have a recipe for a thoroughly relaxing spring break escape.

Where to Stay: Inspirato offers two three-bedroom residences at the Costabaja Resort & Spa.

If you are seeking something a little different … pick Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Located on the coast of South Carolina, Palmetto Bluff will take your family back in time, while at the same time offering every modern amenity you can imagine.

The appeal of this small resort community goes well beyond being a quiet alternative to Hilton Head Island. Surrounded by pristine marshland and covered with graceful oak trees draped in Spanish moss, the area offers an ample dose of nature and serenity.

Hike on the resort’s trail system, kayak in an estuary or go on an organized horseback ride with the whole family. This quiet community delivers relaxation on several levels.

Where to Stay: Check out Inspirato’s two Palmetto Bluff vacation homes — Jasmine and Blue Heron.

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