“Am I the number one Jaunter?” asked Inspirato Member John Wicker. We can’t be sure, but if we had to guess, John is definitely near the top of the list. Since joining Inspirato in 2011, John has taken more than 30 vacations with the club, and most of them have been through Inspirato’s members-only Jaunt program. Jaunt vacations are available on a first-come, first-served basis at incredible value year-round. Trips are available for short-term and long-term travelers up to one year in advance.

Over the years, John and his family have sampled an eclectic mix of destinations in the Inspirato Collection. With his home in San Francisco, it’s been easy for John to get away for a weekend in Wine Country, Lake Tahoe, or even in his own city. But thanks to the value and variety available through Jaunt every week, he’s also been able to ski the slopes of Deer Valley and Beaver Creek, and lounge on the beaches of Maui and the Caribbean.

We talked to John (a day before he Jaunted to Aspen, naturally) about how he has utilized Jaunt over five years of Inspirato membership. For him, the spontaneity offered by Jaunt Now—vacations available over the next 30 days—is a perfect fit for his lifestyle, which due to his work is far from rigid.

“I have flexibility in my schedule, but I don’t have a lot of visibility more than a few weeks out,” he said. “As a result, I always find myself moving my schedule or taking advantage of meeting times when I can get them. So I love a short-term getaway weekend, and since I travel for business, I have frequent flyer miles, so the price of an airline ticket isn’t usually going to be an issue.”

When a free weekend or few days emerge on his busy calendar, John checks the club’s current Jaunt selections (and searches for easy flights) to determine where he’s going next. That creates the perfect recipe for a last-minute getaway — exactly what Jaunt Now is made for. And when his schedule clears further in advance, he looks on the Jaunt 52 list, which includes vacations over pre-selected dates up to one year in advance.

“I don’t care about the destination; I look at Jaunt and see what’s available,” he said. “For example, I would not have normally gone to Grand Cayman or Punta Cana on a long weekend, but fortunately I found one-stop flights to get there.”

That intrepid attitude toward vacationing and traveling to new destinations — especially ones he hasn’t heard of — has proven useful for John, even when he’s on the go.

On several occasions, John has used Jaunt to extend a vacation already in progress. During one trip to Kiawah Island, South Carolina, shortly before he was set to check out of his residence, John was curious to see if there were accommodations available for a few additional days. “I looked at Jaunt, and there was a place I had never been to: Palmetto Bluff,” John said.

We had a blast in Palmetto Bluff, a place that, coming from California, we would never consider going to if it weren’t for Jaunt.

John WickerInspirato Member

For members like John who love to travel anytime, anywhere, Inspirato’s Jaunt program is a great way to explore the world. And the amazing value that Jaunt vacations provide makes club membership even better. View all current Jaunt offerings to see how Inspirato Members can spend less and travel more.

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