Between dining at local restaurants, dinners cooked by private chefs, and cooking classes, culinary experiences are some of Inspirato Members’ favorite activities. With vacation options located all over the world, members have an endless variety of international cuisine to try every time they take a vacation.

But beyond tasting great, food is a reflection of culture and history, and tells a story in its own right. One member recently got an incredible lesson in local cuisine — and learned a lot more than how to prepare food. During a vacation in beautiful Real del Mar, Mexico — with three generations of family members — member Lauryn C. experienced a truly authentic cultural experience without leaving her Inspirato residence. It started before she had even arrived in Mexico.

“Before we left for the trip I had asked the Destination Concierge to help plan a dinner at the house with local cooks, to have an interactive dinner where everyone would learn to cook Mexican food just as the locals eat it,” Lauryn said. “Not the type of tacos we order off the menu at a tourist place but the type of meal you would have at someone’s house in the area.”

Lauryn’s team knew just what to do. Using their deep local connections, they arranged for two local women to come to the house on Lauryn’s last night in Real del Mar and demonstrate traditional Mexican home cooking to the group. “The ladies showed up with all kinds of food, cooking equipment that we have never used, drinks we have never tasted, and the warmest hearts with stories to match,” Lauryn said.

Lauryn’s kids and family members happily joined in the cooking, making tortillas from scratch in an authentic corn press and sipping chilled hibiscus water made from dried and boiled leaves, one of the kids’ favorite dishes from the night. But there was far more to the activity than hands-on cooking. Transcending language barriers, the whole group exchanged stories about their own cultures and lives, opening their eyes to how different people see the world.

This was beyond a dinner or a cooking class, and was everything an experience should be. When three generations of a family can get together, learn how to do something new, learn about a culture, and enjoy every minute of it, while realizing how fortunate they actually are, that's when life hands you that moment that is forever embedded as one of the greatest evenings you can remember. An evening that taught us about others, when it was supposed to be about making food. An experience that was hidden in and of itself. Grateful and humbled all in one evening.

Lauryn C.Inspirato Member

The valuable educational experience left a lasting impression on Lauryn and her family. As the cooks were wrapping up, Lauryn gave them a suitcase her family had prepared before leaving home full of toys and games for children. “When we showed it to them, they held back tears and told me that all their kids do not have this many toys combined. She said she was in shock,” Lauryn said. “My kids couldn’t understand why they didn’t have a lot of toys. Again, I was handed a teachable moment for my kids and an act of kindness to others.”

An Inspirato vacation is about more than beautiful accommodations and expert service. Like Lauryn and thousands of other members have experienced for themselves, traveling with the club allows members to make lasting memories that stay with them long after they’ve returned home. Learn more about Inspirato membership and all the unique ways that club members experience the world.


  • Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  • Robert says:

    My family of 7 did this same type of thing in Florence Italy. We have been traveling to destination club locations for over 10 years and this was one of the best memories and times we have ever had. I would recommend this to everyone.

    Thanks for reporting

    • Inspirato says:

      Hi Robert – There are few places we like more than Florence, especially when it comes to cooking! That sounds like an incredible experience.

      Happy travels!

  • Mari Spina says:

    Incredible experience for not only the member but for the local cooks. So happy to hear about paying our blessings forward.

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