Inspirato Members have access to exclusive accommodations in more than 175 destinations around the world — but the club knows that they often have plans to travel beyond that. Thanks to Inspirato’s new custom travel benefit, Bespoke, members can experience any destination, any time, with unique itineraries and the same personalized care that they have grown accustomed to.

Members Eric and Jody Bell had a very personal reason for traveling outside Inspirato’s offerings. To commemorate the anniversary of their son Griffin’s passing, they wanted to retrace the journey he took through Vietnam seven years prior and see the sights that were special to him. The Bells were interested in visiting destinations outside the Inspirato Collection, so they reached out to their Member Care team to see if the club could arrange something.

The answer was a resounding “absolutely.”

I’ve never been on a more meaningful, well-planned, well-thought-out trip. Everybody we associated with was so invested in making this trip meaningful for us. Every single piece of the journey was easy.

Eric BellInspirato Member

Drawing from their own personal experiences in Vietnam as well as the club’s deep expertise, Inspirato’s custom travel team developed a seamless, fully customized itinerary through Vietnam. The team arranged expert local guides to accompany the Bells every step of the way as they went to the places their son had visited, and took in Vietnam’s culture and natural beauty. They also utilized Inspirato’s valuable Partner Programs to ensure an easy experience. “We worked with Regal Wings to secure airfare, it worked out great,” Eric said. “All those benefits you guys talk about – people will say I won’t use any of it, we used all of it. And it was unbelievable.”

The Bells’ custom itinerary started in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, located in the northern region of the country. Their guide met them right at the airport, took them to their hotel, and made sure they were all checked in for their first night. He was then there first thing in the morning to show them around the city. After a few days in Hanoi, the Bells spent a night on a river boat in Ha Long Bay, renowned for its massive limestone rock formations that tower out of gentle turquoise water. “It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth,” Eric said. “It was just an unbelievable experience.”

Next up was Hoi An, an ancient town on the coast of the South China Sea. The Bells stayed at the stunning Four Seasons Resort — located on a private stretch of sand that Forbes deemed one of the best beaches in the world — in a suite overlooking the sea. While the scenery was certainly breathtaking, the most beautiful moment happened on the Bells’ second day in Hoi An, which marked the anniversary of Griffin’s passing. To pay tribute, Inspirato arranged for the Bells to attend a traditional Vietnamese remembrance ceremony. In a sacred pagoda, the Bells and a local monk honored their son through ancient spiritual techniques. “I don’t know how they pulled it off,” Eric said. “I’ll never forget it.”

They remained in Hoi An for another few days, enjoying an intimate twilight dinner cruise — compliments of Inspirato — and an authentic cooking class where they used fresh ingredients procured from a sprawling local market.

Their final stop was the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City (also known by its former name, Saigon), the largest city in Vietnam, where seven years earlier, the Bells’ son had visited a school for children with disabilities. Through some meticulous research by the Inspirato team, the Bells visited the same school and even met some of the same kids with whom their son had spent time. The Bells donated a playground (currently under construction) to the school in honor of Griffin.

Working with Inspirato to plan and execute this trip offered the Bells the kind of certainty that club members expect. “Inspirato had already scouted the best accommodations for us. It was astounding how wired into Vietnam the team was,” Eric said. “You never worry or wonder when you’re going to an Inspirato property. And the guides that they lined us up with were phenomenal. I don’t know if you get that if you go with another travel company.”

But more importantly, the meticulous detail and care the Bells received from everyone at Inspirato and on the ground in Vietnam allowed them to focus on what mattered most: honoring their son and making new memories of their own.

“None of the other trips we’ve taken with Inspirato have been this emotional for us,” Eric said. “All of our other Inspirato experiences have been domestic, but the level of service translated to our Vietnam trip. Our team is just so attentive and very thorough.”

Inspirato Members like Eric and Jody can always rely on the club to arrange all the details for a trip of a lifetime, whether that’s to one of our 900+ vacation options or something completely customized. Learn more about how Inspirato Members make unforgettable memories no matter where or how they travel.

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