Inspirato is the best vacation solution for any traveler. Our spacious residences are perfect for getting families together under one roof, while our hands-on experiences and custom travel immerse members in the world’s most fascinating destinations. With 900+ vacation options, there’s something for everyone, including members who enjoy traveling alone.

Based in New York City, Matt Butler has been a member of the club since 2012 and frequently takes trips on his own.

Even though I’m traveling by myself, what a way to see a place.

Matt ButlerInspirato Member

An avid traveler, Matt initially saw Inspirato as a great way to visit his favorite destinations at a great price. “I really love St. Bart’s, and Le Sereno was a property I tried on my own before I joined Inspirato,” Matt said. “I was paying full price, and then I saw it was one of Inspirato’s properties. I liked it so much, I went six times in two years. With Inspirato’s rates, I could recoup the cost of membership in those six visits.”

Le Sereno in St. Bart’s

Unbeatable value remains one the club’s biggest draws, but over the years, the Inspirato Collection has grown into some of Matt’s personal favorite vacation spots, offering him more convenient places to stay and the peace of mind the club offers on every vacation.

“Over time, Inspirato has expanded into more hotels and they happen to be in locations and at properties I really like,” Matt said. “I’m able to travel as a single person or with another person and not necessarily have to maintain a 10,000-square-foot house for a weekend.”

Smaller accommodations are ideal for Matt when he’s getting away alone or with a few friends, allowing him to focus on diving into the local culture and attractions, but he doesn’t limit the kinds of accommodations he reserves. Throughout his time as an Inspirato Member, Matt has stayed in large, multi-bedroom residences in Los Cabos, Punta Cana, and St. Martin, as well as cozy rooms and suites in Paris, London, and even at home in New York. “Extra space is never a problem,” he said. He chooses accommodations based on location, style and décor, who he is traveling with, and how well he (or his guests) know the destination.

Inspirato’s Fregate residence in St. Martin, where Matt has stayed.

Inspirato makes it easy to find the right place to stay, and as Matt owns his own company, he has the flexibility to vacation on his own time. That makes a perfect recipe for traveling with Inspirato.

“I have my own schedule and I can work remotely,” he said. “I have a lot of flexibility, which is a blessing and a curse, because on the one hand, I can go wherever I want, but on the other hand, I invite friends but they can’t necessarily run away for four nights to St. Martin like I can. Usually I will go by myself or I will invite a friend who is traveling at the same time, and I know they’ll be free to hang out.”

That flexibility also means he can take a last-minute getaway when inspiration strikes — just what Inspirato’s weekly Jaunt program is designed to help members do. “I would say Jaunt 52 and Jaunt Now are the best things about the club,” Matt says. “I have an alarm set on my phone to check on the new stuff as it comes along.”

Inspirato’s Wellington Flat apartment in London, another accommodation in which Matt has stayed.

With more than five years’ worth of Inspirato vacations under his belt, Matt has explored the wide breadth of destinations and luxury accommodations that the Inspirato Collection provides. For him, the club has morphed from just a cost-effective travel option into an entirely different way to experience the world.

“Joining Inspirato started as this arbitrage opportunity to figure out how I can save on travel,” Matt said. “But now it’s another tool in my tool belt. I’m a very big fan. Everyone has a family or a group of friends. It’s great to be the one to bring everyone together.”

Learn more about joining Inspirato and how club members — single travelers, families, and beyond — take the best vacations of their lives.


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