For any vacation homeowner—first time buyers or experienced owners of multiple properties—partnering with Inspirato is the easiest way to ensure your investment is meticulously maintained. Our seasoned team takes care of everything, so all you need to do is watch a steady stream of rental revenue come your way.

The Inspirato team was as invested in my vacation house as I was.

Cynthia HeckscherInspirato homeowner


Cynthia Heckscher had never owned a vacation property when she started looking for a house on Nantucket in 2016. Eventually, she found what she describes as “the one”—a charming, renovated cottage in the heart of the island.

Her goal was to purchase the home and then have a property management company handle vacation rental business when she was not in residence, to generate income. As with any partnership, Cynthia wanted to find a company that would care for her new investment as much as she would herself.

“I’m a business person and I know how hard it is to build a trusting relationship with a client,” Cynthia says. Fortunately, she was connected with a trusted, veteran partner right from the start: Cynthia learned from her realtor that the house had been part of the Inspirato portfolio with the former owner.

Inspirato’s Solution

During her due diligence process, Cynthia had the opportunity to meet Inspirato’s on-site property manager who had been caring for the home. His intimate knowledge of the property and detailed care plan gave her the confidence to partner with Inspirato for her property management needs.

“I entered this relationship thinking it would be just a business relationship. I expected contracts, numbers, and checklists,” Cynthia says. “What I soon learned is this was a real partnership.”

As a first-time vacation homeowner, Cynthia was initially concerned about the wear and tear on her home that might result from guest use. But after her first visit, she was comforted to see that everything was impeccable. The Inspirato team even helped advise and manage Cynthia’s planned improvements to the property.

“I was looking for a property management firm, but I found something truly different,” Cynthia says. “I now feel like I’m part of the Inspirato family.”

Working with Inspirato has been a first-class experience that exceeded even my incredibly high expectations.

Cynthia HeckscherInspirato homeowner

Just as Inspirato’s Care teams go above and beyond for members, Cynthia found that our property team was ready to do far more than just manage her home. She likes to talk about the time the Inspirato team sourced a special set of patio furniture she had seen but could not locate. “It just happened,” she says. “The effort they put into finding the solution was the perfect example of the way they run my property. They care as much as I do.”

Known as Whitesail, Cynthia’s home is now one of the most popular Inspirato accommodations in Nantucket, with members calling it “perfect for a family or friends.” And for Cynthia, working with Inspirato has been seamless from the start. In fact, she has not spent a single dollar or minute of her time on home maintenance.

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